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Seen near the breaking of the siege of Guntai

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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 5:22 pm    Post subject: Seen near the breaking of the siege of Guntai Reply with quote

The battle was almost over. The Shogunate forces were in full retreat and messenger birds could be seen heading in the direction of Imagawa and Yang-Tse. On a nearby hill a half a dozen figures were watching.

"So what do you think?"

Clay stood with his arms folded; his question directed at the individual next to him. Wearing simple garb and no armour her appearance was in stark contrast to that of her predecessor.

"I don't like it."

War paused and reflected on her choice of words.

"No. I don't like whoever is commanding the Sanctuary army.”

"You don't like them?"

Snorted Lighting.

"You've don't even know who they are."

“I know enough.”

War crouched and drew a series or lines in the dirt. Mapping out the early part of the battle.

"At every point when a tactical reaction was required the correct choice was made."

She drew an x in the dirt.

"At this point though if they had pushed hard they could have broken the centre of the Shogunate forces and ended the battle much earlier. It almost looked like the centre went to move forwards and were ordered to hold their position. I cannot accept that their General fought every part of the battle so perfectly but made such a costly mistake there."

Clay frowned finally understanding.

"This isn't just a battle is it? It is a statement of intent."

War nodded.

"He is a butcher. But not through incompetence. His men are numbers to him. Nothing more. And they were made to stand there and die to prove it."

"Do we know who is commanding the Sanctuary forces?"

Smoke looked up from the log he was sat on taking real interest in the battle for the first time.

"His name is Toutaku. He is from Daegu."

Clay looked at Smoke for more and was met with a shrug.

"That is all I have for now."

"Find out more."

"Help would be useful."

"You blend in better than I do these days. Anyway it will be later when the sake is flowing that the most can be learned."

"I know."

A silence hung in the air and Clay avoided meeting Smokes eyes.

"This isn't the time to discuss this."

"I understand that; Seijachi......But when is the time?"

"Not now."

A soft voice broke the tension in the air.

"We have a more immediate concern."

Ice pointed to the fortified camp that had been tending to the wounded from the Shogunate army. Sanctuary troops were beginning to form up near it and flags were waving calling for more.

"They wouldn't......"

“They are.”

"It’s time for us to get involved then. We cannot allow this."

There was a crackle of energy to the left of Clay. He looked over and met the gaze of Lightning.

"Why not? It's no more than they deserve."

Clay stared at him.

"What? They burned Sokcho to the ground and left the people stranded with no food or shelter with Winter coming! Why should we protect them now?

What is it the gaijin like to say? They know what they did."

"There is a difference between then and now. We weren't at Sokcho. We couldn't intervene. We're here now and we are going to stop this."

"Who died at put you in charge?"

Lightning clenched his fists creating small sparks. Clay adjusted his footing to a more defensive stance his scaled side closest to Lightning.


They both turned and look at Fire.

"If you want to fight then fight later! I am going down there and I will be standing between the helpless and those who are threatening them. Now; will I be doing it by myself?"

"No. You won't."

Ice moved to stand next to him the Ulsan accent she normally suppressed becoming more prominent.

"It is our duty to protect all those who need us. Wrong is wrong. If we allow those people to be butchered we are no better than the butchers."

Lightning finally nodded in agreement.

"Very well. But don't expect me to be nice."

"Nice is not necessary. Only restraint. Hopefully our presence alone will be enough to discourage them from this course of action."

Fire looked to Clay who still seemed a little on edge.

"Are you coming?"

Clay nodded and the four Tigers began to run down the hill towards the camp.

“You are not joining them?”

“No. It will be easier to move around their camp later if they don’t know my face.”

Smoke moved closer to War to get a better view of the confrontation about to take place.

“Toutaku’s tactics may be a psychological ploy. To make the Shogunate fear him."

“Maybe. But if I am reading the flags correctly the orders to attack that camp are coming from the overall command position.”

“Are you reading them correctly?”

“Yes. He’s a butcher.”
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