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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2018 7:52 pm    Post subject: STARS AND STRIPES THANKS Reply with quote

as usual massive thanks to all the crew who bring life to the characters the ST's give you and the ST's for the hard work and attention they give to keep us players happy.


Massive thanks to Mel and Aimee you were both awesome so many little bits in that scene that would list but realize it is to long suffice to say the bit where you realized what WB was doing and when you started agreeing with momsy was hilarious

sasori and usegi for the thought and work you put in to the gifts to momsy and your interaction in general were great i hope you had a fraction of the fun i did you were brill

meeting Skinner's brother for first time was awesome and really stylish thanks (the contrast was awesome)

the part where wb came down from being high and realized the mistake we had all made with the prophet , the prophet fight itself worked way better than wb hoped and grums portrayal of lost faith was emotively moving wb actually felt bad for doing it

stealing jacks power and accidentally doing necromancy "lord snow please get me a corpse im gonna do something stupid" just shrugs nonchalant and does (love snows style)

being gifted a holiday home in athenia (not sure of actual spelling) as thanks for resolving international incident for details ask shugi :-p


(purely ic low) realizing stories and friends in wanderers were on course to clash and wanting to protect both

being maneuvered by dans npc into deal about lord sasori (nicely done on timing of offer)
Mentior-Ergo-Sum (WB)
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