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Shadowy Reflections

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:53 am    Post subject: Shadowy Reflections Reply with quote

The Smoke: The tavern in the tunnels - several days ago.

The wanderers discussed the Shade. The opposite of light, an elemental of nothing. The idea terrified Dr Jekyll, not because the sprites reduced people dissolving bones with a touch, because the shade seemed somehow familiar. As familiar as Hyde. A horrible realisation occurred as Dr Jekyll recognised this shade. That moment when Hyde surfaced, that second when it was no longer Jekyll but not quite yet Hyde... that was the Shade. Dr Jekyll vowed to do his best to keep Hyde under control. He had no idea what would happen if he transformed in this environment so close to the Shade.

How could the Shade be connected to his condition? Hyde was oddly quiet for once.
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:50 pm    Post subject: Roman's Empire Part One Reply with quote

3rd Month / day unknown

We returned from defeating the Shade. I must say that I am pleased that it is gone. The strangest feeling of familiarity arose when it was mentioned. When I vanish and Hyde emerges, it is as if it takes control for a flicker of a second. How this is possible I do not yet know. Further research is needed.

As we returned to the tavern in the night/day, who knows down here in the tunnels under Smoke. That smell of the alchemical stink of dragon's breath returned but this time stronger. I recalled smelling it on aprons. I altered the others to the smell. Only Kane seemed concerned as he could smell it too. Carson didn't seem to notice it. Perhaps the Hatters train their alchemists on different ingredients. After ascertaining that it was the reactive component and not the flammable version I relaxed. Until I smelled it in the tunnel and as I did, Roman walked in. I tensed.

My normal reaction abated. Swain and Dr Babbage offered their assistance. Swain asked whether I wanted him to kill Roman. I must admit, I was tempted. Wouldn't anyone be? He threatened my family. He has some unusual connection with Hyde. In Salem, people saw them conversing together. He threatens to abduct me and demands to know my progress. Then you have all the notes about getting me. Then I remembered what happened in Herrington when I asked the Brotherhood to capture him, interrogate him and despatch him. It is clear no authority in the shards is beyond his agency's influence. They've infiltrated the Hatters Guild for one. No, I knew that handing him over, without real evidence would just bring him freedom not justice. Yet, when my friends in the Brotherhood refused, it drove me into despair. I had seem them execute bandits without trial earlier than day in Herrington. Yet this man threatened my family and threatened to extract the formula to make an army of Hydes. Resorting to destroying the formula in my head with a gun only allowed Hyde free reign for days. That was not an option. So, I asked Swain and Babbage to assist in questioning Roman. After finding the lab and the notes recently, I needed to know whether Roman was behind both.

The room emptied out and Roman sat facing Dr Babbage and I. He tapped away on his axe in a 1234 pattern. 1234, 1234, 1234. He said little and I found Dr Babbage poking me to distract me. After Roman left the table, Babbage revealed it was a psychological trick, hypnotic suggestion. He was trying to awaken Hyde. I thanked Dr Babbage for his quick thinking. Swain unfortunately fell asleep in another room and before long only myself, Babbage, Roman and a few others were left drinking. After trying to work out what he wanted and failing. It appeared that one of two things was happening. Either Roman wouldn't speak in front of witnesses or he wouldn't speak to me, Dr Jekyll. All good scientific advancements need experimentation. I dismissed Dr Babbage to his dismay leaving only Roman and myself present. I told Dr Babbage to awaken Swain and return if I did not come to the sleeping room in twenty minutes. I knew this was a lie. Roman could be far away with my unconscious body in twenty minutes. However it allayed Dr Babbage's fears and gave us the privacy we needed.

Before I could ask a question, I was slapped in the face. It was confirmed, Roman wanted to trigger Hyde through pain. Normally a good method. Normally. But I had plans. I told him this would not work. He changed tactics.
"You were thrown out of the Brotherhood."
"Hyde was thrown out of the Brotherhood."
"But the result is the same."
The painful memories returned. A voice inside had been repressed for a long time. It wanted to ask why they had given up on me. It wanted to ask why they had forgotten their promise to help me control Hyde. It wanted to ask where were they when Roman came last time and again. Where were they now? Did I matter so little. The emotional pain created a vortex through which Hyde could emerge but I grasped to a sliver of resolve before he could.
"Hyde was removed from the Brotherhood so that he could not hurt them. Should that mean my expulsion as well, so be it. Better that then see them all murdered by Hyde. We both knew he's capable of it." I had visions of their dismembered bodies like the ones in Port Rabel. The professor, Teresa, The Cresting Edge, The Brotherhood, Swain and Babbage. I had to keep Hyde away from them all to stop them from being added to his list of victims. As brave and as strong as they believed themselves to be, they hadn't seen a thrope tear the spine out of an orderly without effort. Looking at Roman, I wondered how much thrope he was. He kept his intellect but he was clearly enhanced somewhat. This was madness, but I kept control.

Roman punched me in the chest. The shock of it made me double over. Confirmed. Roman is enhanced somewhat, he is holding back his full potency which makes sense because my rib cage would have been pulverised had he used even a quarter of his thrope strength. Why was he holding back?

"Was that lab in the tunnels here, your handy work?"
Roman answered with another punch. This time I stood up straight with my hands behind my back. "Was it?" Roman paused and then assaulted me again. Physical violence. The only tool a brute has. How could this man claim to be an alchemist or a scientist? When I got my breath back I asked another question. "What do you know of Edgewater?"
"What everyone knows." Roman responded. I managed to get a response. I probed but he would not reveal whether he worked for Edgewater. He hit me again. This time he gave me a health warning and asked me to release Hyde. The pain should have released him, but the blessing of dark and light, the ability to relinquish control at any time, gave me the power to say no. I felt calm, since I knew I could end this torture at any time.
"Who do you work for?" I asked and I was given no answer. I began to laugh which confused Roman. Maybe it was hysterics, maybe it was a side effect of the Potion Grace I had administered myself just before he had come back to the table and I had dismissed Dr Babbage.
"You're going to lose your job!" I teased him. "Tell your bosses, I'll work with anyone by you. How will they take that failure?" At this Roman grabbed by throat and I saw pure menace in his face. I gulped as I realised how easy it would be for an enhanced to crush my windpipe and worst still, I saw that calculation reflected in Roman's face. Hyde was what saved me. He needed Hyde for something and that fact was keeping me alive. What a bitter sweet fact that was.

"Why do you do this to yourself Doctor?" Roman said, examining the wounds he had inflicted. "You are going to suffer real damage if you do not give in." I beckoned him to come closer as I couldn't speak louder than a whisper.

"Hyde is listening." I said. "All I need is to hold out for another ten minutes. I found a lab with a creature that recognised me. I found a book with similar alchemical research in to my own. It mentions an "Edward" is that Edward Hyde? Is the monster able to do alchemy? Is the book yours? If you refuse my questions you create doubt. Doubt that Hyde will notice too. I don't know what you told him, what lie you duped Hyde in with. But who is to say that these people aren't the right people to work with? Who is to say that you aren't the liars and without knowing who exactly you work for, Hyde can never trust you either."
Roman gritted his teeth. "Hyde would never work with you!"
"No, but he's a self interested bastard and from what I gather, he hates being tricked as much as I do. Imagine what he'll do when he sees all this doubt and distrust. Imagine what he'll do to you?" It may have been a trick of the light but I swear I saw a look of fear flash on Roman's face. He stepped back. I don't know what he was worried about, whether it was Hyde's rage or losing Hyde's trust. Whatever it was it concerned him. Clearly I was not the one he wanted to give answers to and my ribs will attest that the beating he delivered was almost in blind panic as if he was furiously searching for a switch to press and summon Hyde. I have no idea how I managed to survive, perhaps knowing with my dying breath I could uncage the beast or perhaps when you have nothing left to lose, you gamble it all.

The next thing I remember, Roman and I were sitting down. He began to talk. He admitted he knew other agencies were doing the same research but he was not part of what lab was in the tunnels. He said enough for me to deduce that he didn't write the book. He didn't reveal is how agency but I can deduce he may not be Edgewater. I asked the most concerning question: "Who is Edward Hyde to you? Is he a researcher? I thought I knew him but the book makes me question everything."

He would not answer it and he closed up. Instead he healed my wounds, he chanted something under his breath while examining them, but it wasn't magic and it wasn't medicine. Whatever it was, it gave me the ability to regenerate the damage quicker than is normal. He muttered something about it being a science but I failed to understand how. Why would Roman do this? He is a villain. He said I would need to work for more information. He actually wanted me to beat him. I had that chance to kill him. Yet all the lust to hurt him vanished. I found myself devoid of any anger and need to harm him. Why was that. I tried to hit him on his request, more than once, but he was too resilient and I am not a violent man. I actually hurt my wrist. The man is made from what felt like stone. I wondered whether this was a trick to incite Hyde to emerge, did he hope the violence would call to him? Roman seemed to actually believe if he lost control through pain, he could reveal more. Is pain his trigger too? Was this a trap? Is there another "Hyde" hidden in him? What the hell is Roman!? He is resilient like a thrope, clearly enhanced physically and even when he tried to fight on "my human level" he was holding back and it was like wrestling a bear.

Looking through the notes I have recovered recently, I found mention of astral and auric fields. The idea of pairing subjects and boosting intellect in some way. It makes little sense but I get chills down my spine by just considering it. Whomever these other researchers are, they did dangerous work. I recalled the reanimate in the lab. It KNEW ME. It claimed to recognise me. Did it recognise Hyde? I have no memory of ever working here. The poor thing had half its brain removed. It was reanimated with a wire frame and alchemy. Made to battle daemons by the sounds of it. It certainly thought we were daemons. Atrocities are going on throughout the world and its my fault. I need to finish this journey that I took with science. Only science can end it. If I can reverse the process and find out who these other organisations are, maybe I can destroy their programs as well.

New Hypothesis on curing the serum. How to reverse a thrope.

OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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