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The nights seem longer

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:47 pm    Post subject: The nights seem longer Reply with quote

Tarin lay there in the bed next to Edika staring at the moon in the window watching its path across the night sky
He gently climbed out of bed and as quietly as he could dressed he pulled his sword belt on and as he drew it tight and felt the weight of the sword he realised without it no matter how many layers he wore he felt naked.

He pulled the door open and slipped out trying to make as little noise as possible carrying his boots as he made his way though the monastery and to the gardens he slipped out and pulled his boots on and started to walk

This was becoming a regular night for him ever since his last visit from the Rohan but since this thing which had escaped from what he presumed was his aunt he hadn't slept more than a few hours a night

The same questions where spinning round his head
Is this the thing my mother had hidden him from?

If the master got out how many life's would it cost this time to stop him?

Why if she has given up on me can I not remember anything still?

And then he reached into his pocket and pulled out the letter he had found in his dwellings at Irondelve

He reread the words which he had never thought he would consider

my desire to leave behind a living legacy, a family with you, children, grandchildren and more.
He read it a second time
my desire to leave behind a living legacy, a family with you, children, grandchildren and more.

How could she still love him after he had bottled up and turned into the angry thing he was before where he had only looked for the fight and cared for nothing more than to cut down his enemy's and stand victorious to prove his strength.

Edi had stood by him though all this and the letter she had left him had pulled him back

He loved her and he had chosen to give up so much to be with her

Now he had to find the help to protect her and his mother because he knew that if these things where what his mother had hidden him from then he could not protect them on his own and the only way to protect them was to defeat these things, the only way he could to do that was to swallow his pride and ask for the help to defeat this threat!!

He sat in the garden looking up at the night sky and asked aloud knowing the question would go on answered

Mother, Rohan I don't know where to start I don't know who will come so how in these shards do I succeed??

He sat in the moonlight trying to work out where to start
ic Tarin Howell

ooc Steve
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Edi felt Tarin get up again, it had been this way for awhile now and each time she pretended he hadn't disturbed her. She would gently and narrowly open her eyes just enough to see in the murky darkness but not enough to give her alertness away, she didn't want to add to whatever was on his mind.

She found it sweet that he would try and tip toe out and would have to sleeply roll over to hide her smile and then her frown. Edi knew that whatever it was he felt unable to talk about it but equally she knew he would when he was ready. She learned long ago that patients was required in life, you can't move mountains or change rivers with force alone.

She waited until his footsteps trailed off before getting out of bed. She followed him tonight just as she had done every night before, quietly sticking to the darkest parts of the hall to maintain the stalk. She wondered if anyone else was disturbed but that was a thought for another time. From just inside the door she watched as he walked around talking to himself and looking at something from is pocket, she still couldn't figure out what it was but it was clearly important. She had no idea what he said every night but she didn't mind, she'd find out one day.

When she was sure he wasn't leaving and was as ok as he could be, Edi went back to her bed, tomorrow would be the same no doubt and tomorrow would be another day to try and change things for the better.
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

IC - Sister Edika, Initiate Paladin of The Order of Gideon Rosarius.
IC - Munin McKay

Nothing is impossible, it is only improbable.
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