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"Before the Storm one bows, or breaks"

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:45 pm    Post subject: "Before the Storm one bows, or breaks" Reply with quote

Salem was a land of many contradictory logic's. On the one hand they bows their heads in the reverence of an absentee god in whom they placed their faith that he as yet watched over them but on the other they still drank, gambled and fornicated as much as any other Culture in the shards. Who could blame them when in their ignorance the forest was dark and filled with monsters as that is what they had been instructed since childhood. One could almost pity these barbarians for their ignorance and how comical it all seemed. Were it not something they were commit innocent souls to the flame to protect it would be laughable

Zaizen pulled the cloth around his face as he Rode it would not do to be seen as an anathema by these brutish commoners. They feared what they did not understand it was natural but in the Thunders one is instructed to give respect to station and that Kami and the Oni were to be respected with reverence and fear. His garb itched but it was a botheration he would endure for the time being how under the heavens the nobles of Salem could wear this lace was beyond him it itched the skin unceasingly

These foolish people would never know had it not been for their efforts in the cover up within the mention of the Wexler Family he pondered how many of these people going about their lives would have been caught in the inferno of religious hatred...

"Can anyone tell me how long till we reach the portal, I want to be out of this costume and have something to eat that is not soaked in grease"

The voice was calm and showed little trace of the displeasure that bubbled beneath the surface
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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Sam The Shugi

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hisakawa pulled his own dark plain hood closer around his face. His hands reached for his ears to check they were still no longer pointed. The metallic taste would not leave his mouth despite numerous reassurances that his teeth had returned to their normal enamel. Shugi shuddered as he recalled what the grasslich had coaxed him into doing. No, what he was capable of.

"I believe its still going to be a few more hours before we reach the portal Lord Chosokabe, and then most likely even more time waiting for our turn to travel through them. I just hope once we are there that I can spend my time with the clan even though I am heading for a different destination. I suppose we shall see. I really pray that dwarven cuisine is at least a bit more palatable".

Hisakawa looked at his lord as they rode, meeting his eyes and seeing the deep contemplation and serious mood. If it was their recent adventure or the ongoing war he could tell that perhaps a more positive topic might be in order.

"We should take pride that we succeeded with our objective. We seem to have made an excellent impression on Lady Wexler and convinced her of the legitimacy of our war. I am sure this will spread first across Salem and then the rest of the shards if we are lucky. Are you pleased with this my Lord?"
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