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At Sokcho

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The fighting had been brief. Aside from the shipyard Sokcho was not a major settlement and the Sanctuary troops rarely has to deal with much more than bandits and wild animals. With most of the tension based around the land border between the Shogunate and Sanctuary they had been ill prepared for the assault by the fleet of war junks.

A Samurai in ornate armour wearing the colours of Clan Mori approached his commander and bowed. After the bow was returned he straightened and gave his report.

"The town and harbour are secure. All surviving enemy troops have been taken prisoner. Will we be leaving a garrison here?"

The Samurai that had led of the attack looked from the ship building facilities to the small town and fishing harbour that was attached to them then shook his head.

"Īe. Lord Mori has given his orders. Leaving the shipyard intact invites an attempt to retake it and the rest of this place could be used as a staging post to attack Imagawa."

"Burn it. Burn it all."

The other man hesitated.

"And the people?"

"They chose to side with the Sanctuary. Let the Sanctuary take care of them."
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