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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:40 pm    Post subject: S-PA-RTY Reply with quote


After a day at the spa it is early evening when the portal disgorges you into the deeply forested lands of the wild fae. A moment passes as you get your bearings, the sun hangs low and pendulous in the sky, casting deep shadows and illuminating the hillock upon which you stand with a warm orange glow. The hillock rises above the forest which surrounds it, affording panoramic views of the forest canopy for miles around. Birds sing a sweet evensong, somehow more orchestrated, more choristic than in your own lands, and the air feels warm, humid, and pregnant, it has either just rained, or is about to thunder.
At the base of the hill sit three wagons, made of coarse wood but covered in the finest furs, without visible driver they are each pulled by two of the most majestic centaurs you have ever seen. On the side of each wagon hangs a banner, with awkward writing upon it reading S-PA-RTY, clearly written by a hand unused to pen and ink. As you climb aboard the wagons, torches, set one at each corner, spring to life. Without saying a word the centaurs begin to pull the wagons into the forest, their heavily muscled forms making light work of their burden.
The centaurs approach the edge of the forest , with no visible path you expect the ride to be bumpy and uncomfortable, but before your very eyes tree roots and bushes shift to make way for the wagons, low hanging branches rise up beyond head height and you pass into the cool gloom. It is so dark within the forest that the torches create circle of light around you, beyond which shadowed and unknowable shapes move. You get the feeling that giant beasts stalk your party and were it not for the torches, or some unfathomable fae bargain, they would pounce upon you and devour you whole. As green, reflective eyes gleam at you from the undergrowth, you are minded that the forest keeps its own secrets, the forest keeps its own silence.
After a ride of some twenty minutes you arrive at a gate, seemingly woven from living wood and set within a circle of trees so densely packed that they form a natural wall. The gate swings open and the sight within takes your breath. You alight the wagons and take stock of your surroundings.
The trees encircling the clearing have had their branches woven together to form an immense roof from which golden petals glowing with a faint luminescence continually rain, disappearing just before they reach the height of an outstretched hand. For further illumination glowing dragonflies flit in cages made of thorny briar hung from the roof close enough to provide just enough light to be comfortable for the human eye.
A narrow path of soft moss winds before you, twisting ,branching, and turning, flanked on all sides by brightly coloured tents, some made of furs and others more esoteric, the upended flower of a giant bluebell, the stitched together petals of a Rose. The path twists so much it is impossible to see more than a few tents at a time, but within each tent you pass some strange sight meets your gaze. In one tent a group of strange pixie like beings make a soup of nettles, in another Satyrs smoke some brightly coloured water pipe, blowing smoke rings which change colour in mid air. In a third large, muscled men in loincloths wrestle each other with raucous laughter. From all around comes the sound of revels; music, laughter, cooking and more 'intimate' pleasures. The only spot you find in the party where a more sombre mood prevails is a small pond with a willow tree, beings avert their eyes and hush their voices as they pass, hurrying by and speaking of anything else.
Every way you turn you a greeted by some new, delicious, cooking smell, some strange sight, or some new troupe of performers or musicians. An air of festivity pervades and you are watched by a hundred curious but kindly eyes. Beings come up to you offering drinks, food, intoxicants, and 'other delights'. As you wonder along the paths no single tent seems to be in the same place twice, attempts to retrace your steps lead you to some new place, and you always seem to end in the central square, where massive fire pits roast dozens of wild boar. At the end of the square, underneath a hole in the canopy, through which the setting sun casts a deep red light, sits a massive white beech wood throne, empty at the moment, yet carrying a gravity and majesty all of its own.
Mentior-Ergo-Sum (WB)
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:45 pm    Post subject: A chance to relax Reply with quote

Edika was more than astonished by the celebrations, she had heard of Fae parties before but never had she imagined they would be like this. She was fascinated by the interwoven canopy and she couldn’t help but gently bounce to the beat of the passing musicians. She felt over dressed in her armour but also, she felt no need to remove it. She almost wished it was raining, she wanted to know what the roof would sound like but she feared that might dampen the celebrations.

Everywhere she looked there was something new, she couldn’t keep up with it all, things she’d never even seen and things she couldn’t figure out but all of it was delightful and inviting, all of it had an air of joy and light heartedness to it.

She made her way to the square and her mouth watered at just the smell. She found a chair to sit in and just enjoyed the sights. She loved to people watch and there was no end of people to watch here. It wasn’t long before someone offered her drinks and food. It wasn’t long before someone offered to assist her out of her armour into something more comfortable either. She resisted at first but then she thought to herself “why not, it is a party after all and I am here to relax, it would be a shame to waste all the effort put in at the spa”

She was offered the use of a rather pretty tent, opaque from the outside but once you stepped in the walls appeared as glass, she could see everything happening outside without obstruction. She stepped in and out a few times, fascinated by the glamour much to the amusement of her host. She was only mildly concerned that it would fail the moment she was naked but she went for it anyway, she was quite ready to begin an evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

She was offered a choice of a few articles of clothing, her host offered her own advice and was much delighted when Edika only stipulated that one item of clothing must be blue. After a few moments Edika’s host came back with what could only be described as the fancied outfit Edika had ever worm, it somehow reflected Edika’s home shard and her choice of life style all in one go. The shirt was pure white and woven of silk just as the very short shorts were, the stockings matched in colour though they were somewhat sheerer, her host had even managed to find under garments to match which allowed Edi far more modesty that she thought she’d get. The corseted under bust skirt went to the floor but the front third was missing allowing her to show off the thigh high boots she’d been given. The skirt was the dark blue of a midnight sky and she could swear it twinkled if you stopped looking too hard. It was made of what looked like heavy velvet but it was softer than any material she’d ever touched. The boots match the skirt perfectly, twinkle and all but what surprised her more was the whole ensemble fitted perfectly, almost like they were made for her.

As she emerged from behind the changing screen and was ushered into a chair the delicate chime of a female voice rang to her right, there stood the most beautiful nymph Edi had ever seen offering her a cup of tea. From behind her rang anther delicate voice, asking if Edika would like her hair done to match the occasion and her outfit. Edika naturally agreed, after all, she got changed so why stop now.

As she enjoyed the subtle aromas and flavours of her tea she could feel the nymph behind her working. She expected to feel her hair being tugged this way and that but infect it felt more like someone was massaging her head. It wasn’t long before the second nymph joined the first and Edika could see tiny silver chain being woven into her hair as it was arranged. Blue flowers of every shade were joining them but without a mirror Edika could not see what they were doing. this must have shown on her face for her host suddenly appeared with a mirror and left it in the perfect position for Edika to enjoy the sight.

As soon as they had finished her host returned once more with a tray containing a silver and blue hair pin, a single silver bracelet and a silver necklace that would most certainly draw the eyes of it admirer to other things given where it stopped. Edika clutched at the holy symbol round her neck and without a second thought her host offered to put it on the chain thus allowing her to keep it on without interrupting the flow of her outfit. Once the final touches of subtle makeup had been added, her Fae host asked only one thing in return that could of course be refused, she asked for a single dance.

Edika thanked the two nymphs and accepted her hosts request, secretly Edika loved to dance but rarely did she get the chance. She left the tent hand in hand with her host and only then realised she did not know her name.

The rest of the night was full of dance, song and enjoyment. WB had most definitely fulfilled his promise of throwing a party like no other.
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

IC - Sister Edika, Initiate Paladin of The Order of Gideon Rosarius.
IC - Munin McKay

Nothing is impossible, it is only improbable.
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