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EMERGENCE THANKS high and lows

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:08 pm    Post subject: EMERGENCE THANKS high and lows Reply with quote

an awesome event as usual monster crews refs and pc's all as keen and helpful as usual good to see new faces in crew (well in the day) :-p

fabulous bits

being bitten by not the dashel after handing him my weapon prior to bringing the skull and yoshi to him (doh)

teaching not the squire the basics of the dance in a night

meeting shugis parents (lovely couple daddy strict but fair) :-p

going for a walk to calm down after seeing certain individuals stuck (you know who you are)

helping Munin with poetry ritual

running round and playing hide and seek with certain crew (you know who you are (and hopefully a game we can continue lol))

sharp "WB what are you doing " wb"stabbing quietly" ect... oops

getting fairy god parent promise

watching crystal knight dance through a game

Proper downers

missing naming ceramony

hearing of friends courtship troubles lotsa IC feels

no bath want soak (resolved now)

no cow (i really like steak teasing is mean)
Mentior-Ergo-Sum (WB)

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good weeklong was good. I really enjoyed the flow of this one and the chance for people to tie up some loose ends or advance things without feeling like too much of a juggling act. Though I suspect the refs and crew may not agree!

Thanks to everyone as always! Was great to see you all. Extra special thanks to the crew for throwing themselves at us over and over again and dealing with my Wolfen being all up in your faces when things got heated.

+ A surprising amount of personal character development as Kaine. Bit of a rollercoaster but with any joy the bumpy parts should be easy to iron out
+ CSI Wanderers, none of which were hugely useful but it was amusing
+ Reaffirming Kaine’s title as Champion of Faerie. Sorry Sharp!
+ Consequences for shaking hands with a deity. Unexpected but not unappreciated
+ The McUen naming ceremony
+ Minty surprise. I may have acquired a bottle yesterday…
+ Tax collector-related stress relief
+ The set of conditions I was talking to Rich S about for Kaine to remember something happening that same night
+ The mostly-coordinated advance to the mead hall and holding whilst the box was recovered. Was a tough fight but I feel we did well
+ “Who are we?” “The Wanderers!” “What do we do?” “….Win!”
+ Shady Lang and the Classholes
+ Wolfen Handling 101
+ Haribo gin and lemonade. Would recommend
+ The sun is a deadly laser

- The sun is a deadly laser
- Brotherhood intervention, though hopefully it’ll all work out fine
- Pretty sure I caught a sore throat from the drinking circles but it’s mostly gone now. To be fair, I knew the risks

There’s more I'm sure, there always is. I can only remember so much at any given time. You know who you all are <3
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:22 pm    Post subject: Huge thanks Reply with quote

As per my usual start, i must thank the refs and crew, you lot are fab without you it would be just talking.

+got plot done for Edi which means i can move on, yay
+Grum as Carver, Jesus man i was genuinely scared to the point of no words.. loved every second of it.
+desperate attempts to keep the tax collector alive whist surrounded by wonderer with loose morals and I'm pretty sure I reached a new octave when Jacque killed him, Cheers James.
+Book stuff with Munin, this will kick me in the butt one day but worth it.
+discussing the Fairie dance with WB as Edika.... why does it have to be so bloody complex.
+helping bunny get his honour back..
+Beating up a pirate because he was interrupting my book reading time... you know what you did
+3am conversations with Abbot and folks on morality, cheers Jeff
+gin, haribo and lemonade
+breakfast pancakes and BBQs
+naming ceremony that nearly made me cry
+being the polite party in the issue between the Rowen and Tarin.... honestly thought was going to go worse than it did.
+not feeling like i was missing out on main plot but still not getting involved whilst still being involved. lead to a relaxing weeklong for me.
+spending time with Gary as Magpye, dude you were great.

Finally, thanks to Sam and Dom for letting me crash at theirs Monday night, I would not have made it home.

I'm sure there is more amazing stuff and oddly i have only one bad thing:

-mother ******* bee
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

First up: Thank you Crew, Refs and all round peoples. As ever Ascendancy wouldn't work without you.

Plus points:

Getting crisped helping Dashal two events in a row, totally worth it though.

Dreaming shenanigans, thanks for helping with that those that did and I do hope you enjoyed it, especially Rich S.

The surprise visit. Utterly unexpected and now that I look back on it rather fun, if nerve wracking.

The crew, for their willingness to work with the snakethings antics.

Mr Skinner and the Freaks

Special shoutout to Will, dear god was the Wintersmith fun, and also your particular willingness to work with my antics.

Jeff and the Free Company for Birthday panelbeatings and explosion related shenanigans. Acceptable casualties my scaled arse Razz

The Haribo Gin Combo

Grum and Karen of the many homebrews

Alternate Monty, Magic Man of Order. Also Snuffy, the Amusing (if slightly racist) Beastkin

The Wanderers firing line and it's spectacularly glorious failure

Late night conversing with Markus, and also helping with SCIENCE

Vague Downsides:

Hot Candleston is hot

Adapting to mask

Dashal being made of ouch Razz

All in all, pretty good
IC: Johnathan Nathaniel Woodburne- Lord-Captain of the Cresting Edge, Governor and Protector of The Misty Isles. Drinker of Tea & Vodun Dancing Champion

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OOC: Stuart
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Amy Gregory

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for a good week long, it is sad to see that there are downers being posted.
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