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Broken wings, Shattered memories

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:22 pm    Post subject: Broken wings, Shattered memories Reply with quote

The Brilliant Sapphire waters of the sea stood in stark contrast to the white sand of the Beach where Zaizen now stood looking out towards the Horizon. The sea Breeze played with his hair, the smell of the salt laden air filled in his nostrils as the Lord tried to center himself. So many new and interesting facts had been revealed. The children of this worlds creators driven to the depths of madness as they attempted to be the salvation of all, the true identity of a man Lord Zaizen has thought he knew most intimately.

Opening his mouth for a moment to exhale his centering breath before his eyes opened to face the setting sun.

"Lord Oda" the voice was only a whisper "Your Samurai and servants...I have the reason for your deaths in my hands. However should I dispense the Justice your souls no doubt call for then I would dam an innocent who remembers nothing of the sin he has committed"

How poetic, the Justice in his hands and for the first time in his life there was hesitation. He deserved death for the fate his adoptive father had visited upon those poor people.

"Curse the ties that bind my heart" a single tear falls down the alabaster white skin staining the makeup "Curse the world and the cruel nature of fate" His hands clasped into fists the metal grating upon itself "And most of all curse the mocking laughter of Destiny"

Before standing from the shore of the beach in Far away Dust Zaizen looked once more towards the Horizon

"For the Sin you have committed Shugi Hisakawa, Maybe you have already died once and now you are atone with this new life you have been given...Dragon above forgive me for the life I spare......Curse once more the ties that bind my heart"
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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