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Total Defeat

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Janus sat on a crumbling wall of what looked like an abandoned house. He had never been totally comfortable in cities and civilization, most likely due to so many years leading the lifestyle of a vagrant with nothing but his own thoughts. In settlements there were people, and people meant noise. And on the bad days, Janus could almost see dark suspicious looks from passers by, as if they could see what he was and judge him for it.

He didn't need that. The mark of a truly aware monster was that it saw the darkness in itself more clearly than any outsider.

On this occasion, though, there hadn't been much in the way of alternatives. Janus had needed something, and it required a very specific set of skills, a set that wasn't his speciality. So he'd done something he normally avoided - he'd gone to a professional and had someone else do the work for him.

It had taken some time, but now he had the result in his hands. He cupped it carefully, holding it so no passers by could see, and considered it.

It was important. But it needed something more. And then it needed to wait for the right time.

Slipping the item carefully out of sight, Janus considered his situation. Another being had confronted him with an urge, a demand, to do his so-called duty. Another of the ancient, powerful and so totally blind entities that this world seemed to love to hide in its shadows. They couldn't see the truth.

He was Janus. And Janus simply wasn't capable of doing what they wanted of him. He didn't have the potency, the power, or most importantly, the mindset to perform the task he was so often reminded of. What was the point of going through the motions when he couldn't succeed.

And suddenly, Janus froze.

It was so simple. Why hadn't he seen it before?

The old saying - It is the journey, not the destination that matters.

They all insisted that Janus do the job. They all thought wrongly that Janus could do it. But Janus didn't need to succeed. Victory was impossible.

When you have eliminated the possible, whatever remains, however impossible, must be the truth.
OOC: Gareth W

IC: Janus, Caraway, Beam of the Sun and the Moon

"When Destiny interferes with Reality, the only appropriate response is Insanity"
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