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fire of the heart

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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 11:29 pm    Post subject: fire of the heart Reply with quote

*Shinmoruin is in meditation when a priestess walks to the body that usually hosts Shinmoruins soul. He sits as the forest watching until he notices after an hour that she had began to sit next to him. He sighs a breeze flows through the forest and into the body.*

Lord of the land

Why are you here?

A message from a mortal Master Wang. He calls for you, a letter is here, *She gives the letter to him and he reads it in his head. He flexes his eyebrows.

This should be interesting. I will have to attend upon this gathering. I will require my short swords, bow and the fools katana and I shall require the new kimono. I will wear it instead of the normal and very odious outfit this body owned.

How will you travel?

I shall walk, remember it is only a brute that cannot bear his own weight and travel along the land, those who stride by foot shall see more and feel more, they will be closer to nature in itself.

The ingredients you requested my lord.

Thank you and see to the people who have been praying at my shrines ensure they have some food. I have grown more than is needed and they should know that nature is ruthless but can also be kind. The balance is the key.
IC: Shinmoriuin/ Forest of the thunders.

OOC: Michael Barley
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