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All that is Gold Event Thanks!

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PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 10:29 am    Post subject: All that is Gold Event Thanks! Reply with quote

(From my FB Page for those who shun it)

Going to post this here as well as the forum. I'm a great believer in keeping the forum alive to show it's an active game when newbies look at the website, and also I comment on people I don't have as friends on FB so they can see it as well. And I'm old. Why isn't everything on AOL? WAH!


Thank you to Team Pees In A Group (Karen, Katie, Helene): COME AT ME BRO!

Thanks to Tim for driving, unpacking, driving, packing, driving, and driving. He is a God, all worship him, as we wouldn't have been able to come without him.

Thanks to Karen, for before event girlie night, Tesco, KFC, comical girlie moments, and for being you. You looked amazing out on the field.
Thank you to all the crew, old and new. I see some rising stars, and you looked like you had amazing fun.

Thank you to the refs. You are all so cool. When I grow up, I want to be just like you! And I ❤ you Iszy! Grow a good baby hooman!

+ Thursday night hardcore. Many things were said, I can't remember a single darned thing of them, but it lasted until about 1, so was amazing.
+ Extra large gazebo of win. I am sad we don't have the space in the car to make it the true home I envision, but I have to realise my limits, and it's a great place for us.
+ Jamie. I just can't even with words. You took us in, and put up with us, and let us be who we are without a word of complaint. You are the best leader, and friend, and made of all things crazy. I ❤ you. Thank you for being Caffery, and also for letting me have Mortis fun (which was really special to me). REALLY looking forwards to weeklong.
+ Helene. Again, words, lacking. I think you know how much I ❤ you, and it was great to see you taking to combat (was her first time in combat, yo!). And screw you for going to bed and waking up in the morning and still looking perfect. ANGEL BRA! PEOPLE NEED TO BUY HER CANDLES, SRSLY THEY SMELL AMAZING! ALSO EAT HER CAKES!
+ Katie. I always miss you so much, so time with you is extra special. You are our third cog in the triplet of girls gone crazy. Thank you for always having my back, threatening to kill anyone who upsets me (in increasingly violent ways), and just being you. FWOOOM FWOOOSH PIZZAZ! (You,also bring Jak, and he is okay I guess Wink )
+ Jeff, from years to current day, you are my crazy rock, the stability in the BUT WHYYYYY. So many things, you know them and why. ❤
+ Peter. My baby boy! Once more you see sense in my thoughts and talk me out of stupidity. Thank you for long talks, and Hussain. I'm so excited about our future endeavours with you and the group. And thank you for never thinking I take up too much of your time.
+ Melanie. Thank you for a retreat, and chats, and humour, and being you. It always reassures me I have a safe haven to hide in when you are around. I loved your old woman, and how she put up with me asking if she lived in a shoe, boot, cupboard, gingerbread house, if she had a dog, or swallowed a fly, or wanted to put us in an oven. I love roleplaying with you! I especially loved the look you gave me when I asked your name, whilst you were holding a string of pearls. I'm dumb, I know this Very Happy
+ Team 'What is the vampire up to why are we in a dark gazebo OMG IS SHE GOING TO EAT US' (Dominic, Brian, Miranda (can never remember your FB please someone tag). We made great strides in my personal plot. Thank you so so much for the help. Thank you thank you.
+ Dominic, from letters, to chats, and talks that end up being four hours long, to being you and scaring Helene (curse the wind and rain that foiled an awesome plan). You understand Lorna speak and translate it into posh. Thank you so much. I hope you know how much I enjoy your company.
+ Colin. More and more I love being around your NPCs. Was great to see the Ragdoll again after so many years, and to allow me to use the phrase 'he is in a perpetual state of 'meh''. Also for just taking it when I took your arm and answered the 'Im sorry, I don't remember you..' with 'We used to be good friends. Good good friends' And nothing more. Also, for wriggling your fingers into Shang plot, I do love your evil mind.
+ Adam. Don't ever stop having crazy ideas. And thank you for the new (cheaper) contract. And other stuff I can't say here. Very Happy
+ Kieran. So you're a cursed turning into a troll not a tree need to find the heart of a woman who is a tree whilst carrying (redacted) around? Well, faerie tales done fucked you up! (And Shang sent the missive to Fire for you. High possibility of iminient arrival. He said he got your back, bro).
+ Lets go into the tavern, Shang said, it will be fun, Shang said. (Four hours later involving a bargain, Ragdoll, hunter, punching, Mortis, skulls, screaming). Whelp, never trusting Shang again.
+ Looking after McUens is like herding cats. I have preternatural speed and they still managed to f'king get away!
+ Caffery, I will send you my invoice. McUen wrangling is not cheap.
+ You want children? I can get children. Orphans? Loads of them. After I've dealt with their parents. How many do you want?
+ Did you want (redacted) here? I can get her here. Drug, drag, deposit. Doesn't cost extra.
+ So what are your skills? I blow shit up. Anything else? Well, I have a sword...
+ There once was this time that Jeff was running naked...
+ Want a cake? No thanks. Brownie? No really, no thank you. Cookie? Seriously, no- wait, cookie? I will have a cookie..
+ Well your mother isn't here is she? Look I'm trying my best here!
More will come later. Cats are happening. If I missed you off, I ❤ you.
Lady Shang Von Tassenick, Council of 13
Totty McUen
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PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 12:28 pm    Post subject: highlights Reply with quote


big thanks to banter and enthusiasm of all crew new and old with special mention to those we met on the captains constitutional (walkabout)

love grums barman especially the scene where he threw all the unattended weapons out of the tavern

oopsi moment when made mad hatter catatonic while wb was trying to "help"

many scenes with kane

bunny hurting "nonono" "i curse thee bunny with numbness"

for the story and scenes after with janus and the advice given lotsa feels

and to be fair all the story's in general

and many others you know who you are and finally sharp scene him trying to be all disciplined and formal while governor mandychelly was debriefing the captain and was repeatedly "distracted by phantom pinches" your facial expressions were priceless


yes i am
Mentior-Ergo-Sum (WB)
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 2:53 am    Post subject: Thanks Reply with quote

Firstly I'd like to thank the crew for putting up with my madness.
Good points:
The Constitutional was very refreshing, Raggedy Man was delightful as was the pratfall once I realised it wasn't Colin doing a splat.
Danger Dan The Insides on the Outside Man
Drugs and soulpoking with Shiny skull Voudon Man
Also, the smile on your evil little face when the decision was "Sod it, lets have the hard stuff"
The rain
Also the rain
Insides being on the Outside Razz
IC: Johnathan Nathaniel Woodburne- Lord-Captain of the Cresting Edge, Governor and Protector of The Misty Isles. Drinker of Tea & Vodun Dancing Champion

This One, Spiritwalker of Venom, generally unsettling Snakething

OOC: Stuart
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 8:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So am fairly new to this Larping malarky. But I had an amazing weekend, took me a little time to get into it but was all the awesome and everyone is also all the awesome and welcoming and patient. So thank you to everyone especially the Refs and the crew. <3


+Everything, the effort everyone puts in is amazing. <3
+Brian making me breakfast every morning
+Grumís cooking. Nom nom.
+Meeting Dr Jekyll. (Which can only go well)
+Entering the healing contest and being made champion healer of Fairy.
+Making potions with Dr Jekyll. (Joe showing me his minilab and totally inspiring me to do my own. So we can mad science together.)
+Team science.
+Debating the science of magic.
+Too much port.
+Finding a discarded body in the forest and smuggling it back into the tavern with Dr Jekyll to perform an autopsy.
+Camping with Brian and Grum. <3
+Jacque and Caitlyn teaching Hope how to play cards.
+So many innuendos going over Hope's head. (Iím looking at you, Jacque.)
+Brain surgery!
+Sasori breaking Hopeís neck.
+Dr Jekyll, doing an amazing job ( And really well roleplayed) of fixing it before Saris suddenly saved us all.
+0.75 of a Saris.
+Accidentally kidnapping Ragdoll.
+Saris agreeing to help look after Ragdoll.
+Fighting in the dark in the tavern.
+Stories and songs around the fire.
+All of the other competitions.
+The entire conversation with Brian on the way home.
+Caterpillar mode.


-Brianís IC crying. (Why you gotta do this to me man?)
-Going back to reality.
IC: Hope - Precision is difference between a butcher and a surgeon.

OOC: Mandy
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PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2017 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This event was made of ALL THE FUN! Thank you so much to the refs and crew for all your hard work ❤

+ The McUens (Lorna, Katie, Jak, Jamie). I love you guys so much... I can't even. You lot are made of all the amazing. So much fun! I have so much love for you all I just can't even ❤
+ Dom. Just... Just... Just... ❤
+ Fighting. This was the first event where I threw myself into fighting, and I f'ing loved it! So much fun. Thank you also refs and crew for the waves and waves of Fomori.
+ The penguin hot water bottle that saw some things.
+ Group pees.
+ Drunken McUen time in the tavern with Katie and Jak. Can't ever leave us alone Very Happy
+ All the innuendos ever.
+ BUNNY!! Thank you for the shinies Very Happy
+ New-crew-guy-Richard, thank you for putting up with us Very Happy
+ Pretty much everyone I talked to. You lot are fabulous!
+ I feel like I've missed a lot off, but I just class this whole event and everything/everyone in it as amazing. Much love ❤

- Cold.
OOC: Helene

IC: Wren, Frontier Shaman and Healer of the Pack
IC: Lady Ruby
IC: Honey McUen
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PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 6:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well the event was two weeks ago and I still haven't got round to posting. Despite having one character end up with angst and the other being mullered, I really enjoyed the event! Thank you all! Very Happy

+++ Special thanks to all the crew and anyone who convinced and/or assisted in the crew being there! I cannot stress enough how satisfying it was bringing out Kaine's new rifle Saturday morning and just dropping people! I only wish I was better at remembering names. Was good to see everyone get stuck into things.
+ The Faerie Championships. I know it wasn't everyone's favourite thing but I thought it was fun and a nice change of pace.
+ Realising that I'd been talking for the best part of an hour about the Bloodlines as Kaine and had gathered a small crowd of people!
+ Helene, you know what you did! Plus y'know, got to keep you on your toes Razz . Also, thank you for all the baking! I ate far more than I should've...
+ Lorna, glad I could help with plot and play interpreter, even if I ended up not-doing-the-thing-I-said-I-wouldn't-do-but-doing-something-fairly-similar-anyway! Also for kit fixing and grapes Smile

+/- Rain. But at least things were dry when we packed up.

- Gun malfunctions. It was a prototype so I knew the risks, improvements will be made.
- Cold.
Fire cures everything.

Tsren Foxblade Tŗralom MD - Medical Dude
Baron Kaine Valerious - "A gentleman is simply a patient wolf."
Dom M
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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 9:05 pm    Post subject: Epic event (late reply) Reply with quote

What a fabulous event, thank you all. I'm sorry I had to leave early without saying good bye but I was working. So many amazing moments to recap that I'm sure I'll miss a few, I'll edit as I remember.

Firstly thank you to Lorna, the privateer crew, Adam and Dan (can't tag) for feeding me and letting me use your kettles so I could have cups of tea. Thank you to Helene for lending me a chair, sorry I broke it, let me know when you get a new one, I'll reimburse you. Thank you to Stephen for helping me pack up my stuff so I could get on my way asap, super helped. Thank you to Rob for lending me the shield, said item is now a must have for Edi. Thanks to Kieran for the gunpowder pouch, I've already got plans for my own, it was most effective against those twitches.

I want to say how awesome all the crew were, especially the new folks, you were fab and you threw yourselves in with some serious gusto. That kind of enthusiasm really makes my event and really helps to give the feeling of proper NPCs and enemies. Cheers for letting me get the hang on my shield before properly going at me. I had epic fun with you all, hope you'll all come back.

Memorable moments - rather long sorry, not sorry:

*Being complimented on my new attire, felt a million dollars thanks Lorna.

*Surprising the Refs and players when Stephen and I decided to take our 4/5 years worth of feeling up a level. I know we were being subtle but I didn't realise just how subtle we had managed to be. Score one for hiding from our respective enemies. Hope no one felt like we had stolen their evening on Saturday and thank you to everyone for making it the best impromptu unplanned hand fasting ever. Oddly I even enjoyed it being interrupted by enemies. It was fun doing laps around the bar trying to don armour in a dress and dodge being attacked because my sword was on the other end of said bar.

*thanks Richard for letting me borrow a crew dress. Also thanks to Marcus for encouraging me to wear one, it was a worthy occasion.

*Justin and Evan I enjoyed our conversations, theological debates and negotiations. Must do more. Christopher, Dashals help was greatly appreciated cheers. It would seem that even as a Paladin I can not help by try and mediate, negotiate and restore order where there is discord.

*i don't know your name but whom ever plays the thunders owl, I enjoyed our cultural exchanges, you intrigue Edi much, your thirst for knowledge puts a smile on her face.

*the hunter.... dude that guy was hard to trap. Scary as hell and so very interested in Caffrey..... this was not allowed of course.

*Rees (Adam pass on please) I love Sigvar, dude you rock and fighting with you is so fun. Can't wait to do it as a Munin, need to friend you so we can chat.

*Tarin dying (or at least I thought he was) actually managed to cry on que which helped me stay in the moment. Screaming at poor exhausted ritualises to open the blood ward was great, threatening them because I was too blind with panic to hear their words was odd but also fun. Seeing a whole new side of sister Elainer was unexpected but my lips are sealed IC Lucy, promise. I was not entirely sure who side I should have been on when you threatened Tarin though.

*being so very tempted by Jeff's character when he offered my anything I wanted. I think if there hadn't been fighting to focus on I might have caved (I would have asked for Myka and Riaya back btw)

*Being mildly disturbed when Christopher spoke to me about devices and certain powerful artefacts..... think my face was twitching.

*suddenly realising that I've become some weird collector of documents in their original form. I think I'm going to create a book for the wonders so we have a sort of chronicle of our exploits and adventures, annotated with an appropriate quote and maybe the odd personal thought on it all.
Would people be happy to contribute to it when they create team rituals and the like so future wanderers can reference it when saving the world? It would be purely an IC thing and if people wanted to put their thoughts in it, that would be great.

*standing outside the tavern feeling very confused when watching Jake (Graham) chuck every weapon and shield out the door muttering to himself.

*being scared nearly to peeing point by Pete when I was humming to myself in the dark so didn't hear him when he came up behind me out of the blue to offer me a drink of water. Honestly dude that was a genuine scream but in hindsight it was funny as hell.

There is probably much more but like I said, I'll edit and add as I remember.
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

IC - Sister Edika, Initiate Paladin of The Order of Gideon Rosarius.
IC - Munin McKay

Nothing is impossible, it is only improbable.
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