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Caffrey McUen

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:02 pm    Post subject: Retribution Reply with quote

The early morning mist swirled around the small valley in which the village lay. Through the swirling patterns could be seen glimpses of activity as the village occupants started to rise from their slumber. Cook-fires were being lit, whilst breakfasts were prepared and younger children, who had awoken early, had ventured out to play between the huts.
From his vantage point above the village, Caffrey surveyed the scene with steely eyes.

It had been four day earlier when the lathered horse had galloped back to the homestead. Carried on the exhausted horses back had been an ashen-faced Caelan, the arrow that had nearly hit his heart still protruding from his chest. Healers had rapidly been called for, amongst them Bear who was distraught to see her brother this way. It was several hours of care and rest before Caelan was able to recount the story that led to his injury.

He had gone with Scriitch Morgan to gather firewood. The lovely weather and peaceful surroundings led them further afield than normal. That peace was shattered when a small band of Fomorii hunters burst from cover. The war-cries they bellowed were enough warning for Scriitch to shove Caelan thus causing the arrow to miss the killing blow by millimetres. Scriitch then hoisted Caelan onto their horse and sent it running with a swift slap of its hindquarters, before drawing his axe.

That was the last Caelan remembered.

Caffrey had wasted little time in gathering a war band. Stopping only long enough to ensure that his son would recover, he set off and was slightly surprised when Bear joined him and his warriors. The horror of her brother’s injury had swiftly turned to anger and the hot-headed young girl was adamant she was going to go along. To her surprise her father had relented, stating he hadn’t the time to argue about it and that it was as good a time as any for her to learn how the McUens dealt with attacks on their family.

They followed the horse tracks back to the site of the ambush. There they found the body of Scriitch Morgan, led around him were the bodies of four Formorii. The loyal Clansman had suffered grievous wounds but it looked as though he had fought valiantly and had sold his life for a high price. The tracks leading away suggested that at least two more enemies had been wounded.

The rage building up from inside brought Caffrey back to the present moment. He took the burning anger and fused into white-hot fury focussing it on what they were about to do. He turned to Bear.

“Yer know what has ter happen here?” he asked his Daughter.

The feral look in her eyes as she turned to him, matched his own. With a beckoning wave the Laird led his daughter and kinsmen down the slope towards the village.

“Kill them all! No mercy.”
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