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PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:16 pm    Post subject: In the Dark Reply with quote

Taurnil returned the waster to its rack and washed his face at the basin. A young Fae noble lay sprawled, insensible on the floor, learning well that he should not be overconfident in his abilities just because his sparring partner was so much older; for those extra centuries brought with them a whole host of dirty tricks, and he was Unseelie - of a sort - after all.

In the year since the end of the Daemon War he had dedicated much time to establishing his own position as a black knight - the Carrion Knight - allied with but not wholly part of the Courts and owing fealty to none but his own code; stripping away the emotional excesses of his previous Path in light of events that had passed, so that he might better walk the new one that had been laid out for him.

He stalked the dimly lit corridors to his personal antechamber, where a low fire provided a sinister light and a flagon of mead was waiting, and a figure shifted nervously by the door. He sat in a high-backed wooden chair, ignoring the person standing there, put his feet on the hearth and sat, sipping his drink; gazing into the burning embers and thinking of glories past and the glories to come.

'Fine, give me your message,' he sighed when the fidgeting became too much to bear. Okay, so he wasn't the exalter of hedonism and cruelty he had been, but that didn't mean he couldn't play with the lower orders just a little bit...

'I- I come with a m-message from the Ard-Ri, my Lord,' stammered the youth, probably not more than one and one-half centuries born.

'Go on,' Taurnil replied lazily. Taurnil listened to the message intently, snorting slightly at the notion of leaving enmities behind.

'You may leave... or you could stay awhile if it would please you...' Taurnil rose from the chair and stood silhouetted against the fireplace. The boy gurgled something unintelligible and bolted for the door so fast Taurnil couldn't have caught him even if he'd been inclined to.

He chuckled to himself, 'go safely, and leave some of the sadness you bring...'
Viscount Taurnil of the Nethersidhe, Faithful of the Morrigan, Bearer of the Sword 'Terror', the Carrion Knight
Prof. Monty Ravenscroft, BEsO, MDiv - Serpentine U.

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