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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:16 pm    Post subject: All that is Gold... event info Reply with quote

Please read even if you read a similar email many times before

IC information
A message has gone out to all who call Faerie their home.
No matter which group they are part of, no matter their love or hate for each other, the Ard-ri has called them all to a moot in the North of Faerie telling them to bring their strongest magic users and ritualists.

With the change in the world The Fey Gate is weakening and it is the only thing that holds back the Wyld magicks and the denizens of the Badlands from moving into the rest of Faerie and from there, the rest of the world.
There is a ritual that must be completed, a recreation of the one originally conducted by the Elder Races who created the Fey Gate.
To do this all of Faerie has to work together, the Ard-ri has invited all to attend under his hospitality, a shard wide truce to ensure the safety of Faerie.

Delegations from the Courts, the Dwarves, the Fomori, the Atlanteans, the Dark Unicorns and numerous other groups are all starting to move towards this Moot.

Those associated with the Wanderers find additional messages that have been sent to them personally.

"To those of the Wanderers,

There was a year of rest and recovery, your work to protect this world was completed and appreciated.
The stories shall remember those actions for as long as they exist.
However, you are still spoken of within the tales that battle, you still have many a part to play.
You will have heard of the Ritual that needs to take place on Faerie, but there is more to the tale.
Faerie has need of you now, and you have need of it. I shall speak more of why when you arrive at the moot.
Leave your enmities behind before travelling to me, for such bickering risks destroying all, yourselves included.

Those I have invited that are attending the Moot all accept my Hospitality.
Ard-ri Finnlay"


You can arrive on site at any time from 2pm on Thursday 27th April
Please be aware time in is not until early Friday evening, Thursday evening and Friday morning/afternoon are purely for socializing, camp set up etc for any that wish to arrive early.
Newbies to site arriving Thursday should try to arrive after 3pm to ensure a ref is on site to guide them

Can be found on the website

Pre-event briefing
The pre-event briefing will be at approximately 7 to 8pm on Friday 28th April with time in called soon after.
Try to catch us before for any personal character stuff you wish to discuss.
If your likely to arrive after time in please let us know beforehand (if possible) and when you arrive try not to disturb those already in character.

This is full camping event, please bring your own food, cooking equipment, tentage, sleeping bag, mugs etc.
Tents should be set away from the following features - The Pagoda, The Stockade, The Ship, The Mead Hall/Gate, Scurge Pitch etc to allow these to be easily used for in character encounters, if you are unsure ask a ref.
Please ensure routes are kept clear

Players should park their cars outside of the crew area to ensure if they need to go to them they don't need to pass by a crew brief etc.

The Mongolian Yurts
These are being used for camping and have already been booked by those that will use them.
Rules for Yurts, those that use them must clean them after use, that means sweeping them out and cleaning the ash out the heater/log burner (sometimes its left by others so even if you don't use the log burner still clean, empty it) as well as any litter.

Event timings
If you need to go the shops during the event please try to be off and back on site between 8am and 10.30 in the mornings
If you leave site please let a main regular crew member know, so we don't go searching for you.

Cleaning/rubbish during the event.
Over the event these things can build up so please do your best to help, even if its not your rubbish
Please keep the tavern tidy, behind the bar is not a place to dispose of empty cans, food wrappers. please take all your own empty bottles/can rubbish back to your camp area after you finish drinking at night and place in a black bin liner, we will provide these if don't have them and take them to bin at the end of the event.
The washrooms over the event can become a dumping ground for kit particularly the mens, if everyone leaves kit there if would become impossible to use, please take your kit back to camp/tents.
Sinks please do no leave your pots to dry around the sinks, this area can easily become congested with 2 sinks for 50 people.

Strangers on Site
Candleston camp-site is a private site anyone getting onto the site must have crossed a fence or gate, as such only Ascendancy players and crew should be on site during the event, if you encounter anyone on site you do not recognise please let the crew know and or politely direct them back the way they came or to the nearest exit.

Mobile phone signal/reception on site is generally rubbish, a basic signal can usually be found by wondering the site, but to obtain a clear signal you may need to leave site and head back up the road.

As always its the UK and Candleston runs its own unique coastal weather patterns so be prepared bring clothing/costume/thermals/extra blankets or whatever that can cope with cold or wet nights which occur in late April/May

At the end of the week we must put all rubbish in the lockable bin situated at the Gate (if we do not do this we will lose all our substantial cleaning deposit) this bin should be large enough to cope with all our rubbish.
We will try to ensure there is at least one fire still going on Monday morning to burn any remaining burnables.
Please make sure you take responsibility for your own rubbish, however if we work as group the task will be much easier and we will maintain a cleaner site.
Note if you wish to take any recyclable rubbish home with you you are welcome to do so, it all helps the environment.

Time out is expected to be around 1 to 2pm on Monday 1st of May.

Please dispose of your rubbish as per the waste policy, any waste that is not burned or cannot be recycled please take down to main bin by the gate (a key may be required so please check first with a ref)

We are required to clean the site, tavern area, toilets, wash rooms etc, to get our cleaning deposit back, so after time out please make use of the facilities and clear out any kit, towels, make up from the washrooms as soon as possible after time to allow us to clean things successfully. Any help you wish to give the crew when cleaning up is always appreciated.
Important every year we find left kit in the washrooms such as half used shampoo bottles, these are litter and should be cleaned up and disposed of by the owner.
Those that use Yurts must clean them after use, that means sweeping them out and cleaning the ash out the heater/log burner (sometimes its left by others so even if you don't use the log burner still clean empty it) as well as any litter.

Everybody should aim to be off site by 4.00pm

Safety & Code of Conduct
Please see main rules page for the safety and code of conduct pdf please take time to read them, particularly if your a new player, we always ask at the player brief if people have read them.
OOC Richard Hunt - Ref
IC Izzanbard Devlin, The Incredible Wang to name a few
email richardh@ascendancylrp.co.uk
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OOC Richard Hunt - Ref
IC Izzanbard Devlin, The Incredible Wang to name a few
email richardh@ascendancylrp.co.uk
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