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Flow of energy

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:14 pm    Post subject: Flow of energy Reply with quote

*In the deeper part of Kokoritzu Shinmoruin in his natural form is flowing with the wind through the forest, he floats and flows until he reaches the hot spring and takes form in the human body that holds him when in mortal form. He enters the water without clothes but the weapons and clothes he has are nearby. A woman comes from the shrine nearby and averts her gaze.*

Lord, may I ask of your intent to Donno Sasori, Surely a war at the moment is not your intention after our recent talk.

He is no Donno here, he is no lord and to use a title in this area of such is not appropriate he has shown he is no lord by his actions and his disrespect to the Celestrial Dragon it is fortunate he was not slain already for such behaviour. But yes you are right the sacrifice of the Knight Hawk san of the other lands had gave me much prespective and a petty war after such sacrifice for the long walk it would of been disrespectful.

Why so much respect and admiration for a gaijinn woman who was not a god like the Celestrial Dragon???

She gave her essence and her soul and her life to save everything and everyone. Done so quickly, so selflessly an utter divinity of enlightenment. I am quite impressed.

Your logic in the affair of the court is a rather illogical if I may say wise one.

I am not Sasori, Arieaska and I don't appreciate it. but I will go to the nearby monastery and take some time to discuss the things going on with their elders. I need time to think.

I think it wise my lord. I will maintain and rebuild the other shrines. If there is any correspondants from Sasori's court or Usagi Sensei where would you like them to be sent.

Direct on to the monastery until I return. I am going to leave now as I wish to enjoy the time of moving through the woods in mortal form with the breeze on my face.

Very good lord. I will do so, Walk at one with the land. *She turns and walks away*

*Shinmoruin comes out the pool and dries off. Then collects his things and dresses. Now walking into the woodlands it looks as though he vanishes as he moves in the twilight.*
IC: Shinmoriuin/ Forest of the thunders.

OOC: Michael Barley
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