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Chemical Bonds

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:54 am    Post subject: Chemical Bonds Reply with quote

Dr Jekyll left the estate with Mr Swain. He reflected upon the weekend's events. Strange things had happened, inter-dimensional anomalies. Some people talked of magic but he wasn't convinced. The astral plane, that was feasible. A world where dreams are real? Impossible and yet he had seen it. He imagined the scientific possibilities. He had witnessed the sleeping curse and fought it with a quick mix of stimulants and drugs. His alchemical mix had helped prevent calamity. It had bought the wanderers some time at least. He had performed surgery, a skill he had all but forgotten. Why had he forgotten? He was a gifted doctor as well as a master alchemist. He knew it was HIM. HE had clouded his mind since before the world moved, since before the brotherhood. HE was speaking to him now. He could hear HIM chastising him, goading him, taunting him constantly. Everyone around Henry Jekyll was obvious to the monster that muttered in his head. Ever since they had fought the horror, HE had told him to never to endanger them again like that. HYDE. What other skills had HE hidden from him?

He thought back to the Brotherhood, desperate to find a new purpose. Everyone sitting debating whether to become scouts or remain vampire hunters or something else. As he watched them he saw his brother, the one he had been companion to, Dorathior comment and then silently observe. He respected Dorathior and waited for him to give his opinion but that never came as he watched silently giving the floor to others. Tarrin was arguing about the vampire threat which some didn't not see as imminent anymore. Hyde echoed in his mind, as Hyde spoke, the rest of the voices in the room grew feint to Jekyll.
"Oh dear oh dear. I guess they can't help us anymore. Look at them, is this harmony? Is this unity? They can't decide who they are never mind what they stand for. I guess if they let you in, they'd let anyone in. It's a free for all. Are those even members of the Brotherhood over there? I guess they get to decide your fate now then. What's the point of being a brother if anyone can tell you what to do and where to go? Eh? Once the Brotherhood were something that could fight the horrors. Not so much now. Are you going to become a scout now? Be put on the front line to bleed for the Wanderers? I guess the lessons about dealing with two souls died with the brotherhood souls. Face it, you don't belong here anymore than you belonged on that ship. It took me a while, but I managed to disgust them enough turn their back on you. I'm betting I'll drive this group apart in half the time. What do you reckon Henry? 3 months? 5 months? They are't really your friends. They are using us. Deep down, they would all sleep safer if we weren't around. They can't help you get rid of me anymore. I think I'm going to enjoy seeing these clowns bicker and argue. Oh the possibilities. Looks like they're turning on that Tarrin guy. Providing it shuts him up."

Dr Jekyll wrote alchemical formula based on biochemical relationships. Between the lines he wrote notes for Hyde.

Edward, you seem to assume that I am trying to live a normal life. While you continue to bully and deride me, you miss the purpose. I left the university. I left Port Rabel. I left Teresa and I left my good colleague Dr Mortimer. For too long I have allowed you to think you were isolating me and destroying everything and anything that I love and care about. I know you revel in the looks of fear and hatred that greet me when you have left me with your calamity. You mistake me for a man of low character. A man of faith not science who is desperate for a miracle. Not so. I would never force a curse such as you upon anyone who I truly cared for. Nor would I let you rampage among a settlement who I feared could not handle you. That is why I took up office on a ship, to exile us both. That is why I removed myself from my shipmates, to prevent you from harming them further. That is why I have joined the wanderers and it is why I have joined the Brotherhood of Souls. These people are more than capable of handling monsters. They can handle you. So meet your jailers Hyde. And while I remain here, I will avoid association, socialization and fraternization as much as I can to deny you a chance to hurt people who I care for. A cold heart is a small price to pay. For while we are among them, we may as well give something back to world rather than taking. So consider these missions our community service. One last thing. The formula that you cannot read is a message and a warning. I have administered a cipher that only Swain can help me unravel. Do not block my memories and I will not block yours. If I can deny this body sleep, imagine what else I deny you. You were however right about one thing... I'll let you ponder on that one.

Your unwilling Host and Landlord

Henry Albas Jekyll.

OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Looking at his work the next morning Jekyll scanned the notes to make sure that Swain would be ablew to use the cypher.

Quickly reading through he suddenly stopped. His hand started to shake - for there, in a ghastly parody of his own cursive style, in between the notes that he had written to Swain:

'Swain, you miserable streak of piss. Don't try and stop me, don't try and change me. I am what I am - and I am free. To kill me is to kill him and I can guarantee that he will go first. Oh Henry, even in your moment of "victory" you have defeat.

Ever your Watcher

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