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Mr Dreadful

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:30 pm    Post subject: Event Thanks Reply with quote

+ Engravings of owls.
+ Making connections by myself with no ref hints.
+ The patience of Dan and Colin with my apparent inability to remember any of the things they told me as part of Taurnil's personal plot.
+ Insulting Sussori's mother while saying nothing that was actually insulting.
+ "Right, let's bump skulls!"
+ Managing to do more running about as a non-com at an indoor event than I sometimes do as a frontline fighter - ACTION TRIANGULATING.
+ Fooooooood.
+ Ability to turn heaters down and open windows in the dorm room!

- Why is it over?
Viscount Taurnil of the Nethersidhe, Faithful of the Morrigan, Bearer of the Sword 'Terror', the Carrion Knight
Prof. Monty Ravenscroft, BEsO, MDiv - Serpentine U.

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michael barley

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:45 pm    Post subject: thanks to all Reply with quote

Hey all,

A quick thank you's and hots and nots.

Thanks to the ref team and npc team you were all awesome.
Thank you for the delicious food over the weekend
Thank you to the other players for some wonderful moments and for awesome combats.

not so good
- Thinking I might have taken my cat by accident due to hearing a scratching noise. but figured out the box was sat against my other bag. coming home today to find her sleeping on the bed made me feel happy.
_Times I felt I did not manage to get through stuff I wanted to get the character to say and behave but was too busy trying to keep up with the plot lol as I must admit I have not read on the website. will now do a lot more reading.

+Sesori drama's and the celestrial dragon incident,
+Cutting off the head of a dead mage and the ensuing trouble. it was quite informative for shinomoin.
+ shooting a few target and the reaction of tarrin when he saw the crossbow.
+ Giving a lesson in naginata basics to Hope. That was certainly coming into the sensei feel I wanted the character to portray
+ The night time battles on Saturday, I have not wielded that particular sword in a long time two handed and it felt good to do it again with the throwing knife distraction.
+ meeting for zwain to get a ship and eventually messing it up. that was quite cool to sit in council and give a suggestion even though he really did not care accept for being given offerings for coming to his territiory.
IC: Shinmoriuin/ Forest of the thunders.

OOC: Michael Barley
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Pindar the Lizard King

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A few points from me too!

+All the Christmas Mead!
+Food and Cake
+Gaining a new Skull Friend
+My first Heroic Hap Blow!
+Hypo caffeine
+"Candles in the Dark"
OOC: Rhys

IC: Siegvard Ulrichsson: Fenrisian Skald and Mystic

Viktor Stephanovich Rykov: Union Free Company Mercenary
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