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PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:30 am    Post subject: Revelations Reply with quote

Isn't it strange… The way that nothing seems as precious until it's slipping through your fingers, five seconds for example, what is five seconds? Nothing… Until you don't have it.

Five seconds is long enough to say goodbye. To embrace a loved one, to wipe away a tear. Five seconds can even be the difference between saving the world and saving yourself.

Believe me when I tell you that the five seconds after your heart stops beating can can be terrible.

I remember the vale stretched out before me, don't ask me to tell you about it… Trust me when I say words cannot describe it adequately. I remember in that moment the relief that I had died in some great endeavour, that my armour would stand strong against the evil of this place. My self sacrifice arming me with the finest of blade and bow in this bastion of darkness, that I could fight the infernal and win.

I remember a voice in he darkness, I cannot recall if it was a man or woman, young or old. It spoke to my soul. “So you will fight, is fighting evil what gave you that blade? was it force of arms that armoured you so? Did the dying screams of the sinister gift you that fine bow?”

Uncertainty filled me at the voice in the darkness “no” I whispered.

“No” the voice repeated “You have the look of one who is long for this realm; a great deal of sin stands behind you the path you have walked is paved with the dead. Will this then always be your way?”

I turned and could see the anguished face of every man woman and…. To my eternal shame, child who had died at my hand or due to my actions. It almost broke me, then a hand fell upon my shoulder, I turned again and saw more people, these faces were less familiar, less recalled but somehow I knew they were the people who's lives I had saved, my patients from the hospital, travellers from the road, refugees. They stood, a bastion between my soul and the darkness.

“Why” I sobbed into the darkness “why show me this? To torment me?”

The voice was emotionless as it replied “Once you fought and killed for faith blindly, then your eyes were opened and you toiled to save lives instead but it wasn't long before you were dragged once more from the path, again you fought and killed, this time for better reasons, to protect and defend the weak and the helpless, but you must understand, blood cannot be washed away with more blood, whatever it's hue.

There is greatness inside you spirit, if you would only let it shine forth.”

Tears streaked my face and my hands trembled uncontrollably.

“I can't. It's too late for me, I am already lost, dead and failed.”

The voice came from the darkness “people have returned before spirit”

I started at this and span “That would require a miracle, and a miracle wasted on one such as me”

The voice chuckled “even more it would require sacrifice, the arms and armour afforded you are as a result of your passing. If you were not to die….. They would be diminished, you would be giving up your greatest protection”

I was struck dumb for a few moments before asking “if I return, will I make a difference? Will I be able to save anyone else?”

The silence stretched for what seemed like hours.

“You can try”
Tavian: Monk of Gideon

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Joined: 30 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I sit propped up on pillows, too weak to even hold myself upright at present.

“So you see First Paladin, that is why I can no longer fulfil my oath. I would rather die than take another life, even to defend the helpless… It is not MY path to redemption.

A friendly nurse has packed some belongings for me, my spear I had returned to the armoury, it had served me well in the war, I hoped that a brother or sister got the same from it.

My knives were harder, they had been with me since I joined the order years ago and had seen me through some hectic times, I wondered if Tigh would gain from them, though they weren't really his style. I smiled at the realisation I hadn't mentally called him the Initiate, standing in combat with a deamon army to save the world seems like a fair test to call complete his initiation.

“I would ask that Tigh, my initiate be given the position of Knight Errant, his skills are developed now and I feel he proved himself to me in the battle. Let him spend a few years proving himself to the world and the order through deeds now.”

Finally I looked down at the bundle in my hands, Beagalltach. My magic sword, her purpose fulfilled, the deamons defeated. Tears began to well up in my eyes, she had been a companion and a friend as well as a powerful ally, giving her up felt like loosing a loved one but it would be unfair to her to let her rust through neglect, being never drawn at my side.

“And if you could see that she makes her way to someone worthy of her, preferably a master swordsman. That would be a kindness”

I was prepared to see pity in Ryains eyes, even anger or hurt and my leaving, what I saw though was curiosity.

“Who was the voice?”

I was confused by the question “As I said, I don't remember it's sound, so I do not know who it was, maybe God, some spirit, maybe even the Graslich.”

Ryain smiled “I know an order of monks who you may like to meet…. Perhaps they could help you to find your answers, and your redemption. Brother”
Tavian: Monk of Gideon

Carson: Bounty Hunter

Idris: Fae Warder

Adam: incredibly modest legend
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