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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:49 pm    Post subject: Stars Reply with quote

It had been... quite a day. One that would, in his mind, rival the day when he stood with the heroes and the Shards came together some twenty years ago. He had been lucky, more on the outskirts, keeping demons from getting from the outer lying portals to the central ritual point, and though it had been a hard fight, he doubted it would come close to the horror that those fighting the Demon King, and those holding the line had had to go through.

He had been there in the hastily erected recovery tents when Miranda had woken up and had been perhaps unprepared for her reaction. He had sat there, patiently letting her hug him and hugging her back, able to do little more than make soothing noises. Every time she seemed to start to come back to a semblance of coherence, another storm of sobbing had overtaken her.

He had been young when the Horrors were a threat to the world, and everything he knew about them led him to believe he wouldn't even be able to begin to imagine, or understand what the Brotherhood had fought, what they had faced or at the end of the day, what they had lost.

But that had been many hours ago; eventually those who were injured, both mentally and physcially, had succumbed to tiredness and sleep. Eventually he was ordered out by the medics, to allow his friends further rest. He had walked then, no where in particular, perhaps trying to come to terms with his own feelings, his own losses.

He had lost... less than most. His father and sister lived, of that he knew deep in his heart. Perhaps it was a last gift from Nightjar, a last gasp of hope and with that thought he stopped. His eyes glanced upwards, the stars peeking through in the faded light. For some reason the words of an old poem came to mind, and he said them softly.

"Star light, Star bright, The first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight...."
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Joined: 01 Oct 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

His hand closed about the pouch around his neck, the piece of chalk, a simple thing that would remind him of her, and his pack token, given to him by Nix. Two friends lost to the World, lost now so far away. It seemed they were truly Wanderers amongst the stars now, had the name come from the great deed they were to do?

Lady Aggie was always so quiet, patient and compassionate. It was hard to believe she was now gone, passed on. She had asked him about her heritage, asked him to find out more about what she might be.

And Nix, so... very the opposite. So full of fire and life and stubborness. A memory stood out, the two of them arguing, too proud, or perhaps broken to admit they needed help. Only out of care for each other had they taken the time to get the help that, in retrospect, they had so deeply needed.

A star seemed to burst overhead in the unfamiliar sky; the flash of a shooting star and he felt his emotions as if they would overwhelm him. Was it Darathior that had said time enough to grieve later? Was it now later enough?

He sat heavily, his hand reaching out to stabilise himself, but catching on some thorny bush. He looked at his hand, uncomprehending for a few moments, bright red blood pricked on his finger tips. And tied up in his fingers was a piece of fur, mottled white brown. Some small animal caught on a briar, but of just the right colour.

And Nightjar, he had known her so long that it was hard to imagine a future without her. Forever practical, forever willing to do the right thing, one of the pillars that kept the Wanderers fighting when the night seemed darkest.

With that Dashal broke down and cried. For the friends lost, for the friends he might lose in the future, and also perhaps in relief, for himself and for those who had survived.
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