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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:48 pm    Post subject: Regrets Reply with quote

Wren was tired to her very core. Every ounce of strength she possessed, she had spent desperately trying to keep her friends alive during the big fight. It had felt like Armageddon; like this was the fight that would end the world and take the Wanderers with it. So many brave souls had been injured, or worse. But somehow we persevered, and the world was still intact. At least Wren thought it was.

Wave after wave of exhaustion washed over Wren, but she refused to rest. If she closed her eyes, the images would return. The horrible images of death and destruction that would forever be burnt into her mind. Images of the person she loved the most, her adoptive mother Nix, who had always protected her. The knowledge that Wren had not been there when Nix had needed her, stung at her eyes and she closed them, hoping to stop the tears from escaping. In the darkness and quiet, sleep relentlessly tugged at her consciousness.

The images immediately assaulted her mind; the corpse of the only mother she'd ever known amidst a battlefield of smoke and terror. Demon explosions everywhere. Death and mayhem. Amidst the overwhelming sadness, Wren couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. It was so like her mother to go out in a battle of such epic proportions, to take as many demons as possible with her. That was Nix. A fierce protector to her core. She will be sorely missed. As Wren let the images wash over her, a single tear escaped her eye; a tear shed for the lives lost.

One regret in particular haunted Wren's thoughts. In the midst of the chaotic fight, she had not gotten her vengeance on the demons. She had been facing one of the foul monsters, her dagger poised to strike, when she had heard her name cried out. Someone was dying and in desperate need of her help. She had had to make a choice then; seek vengeance for her mother, or save a friend. Of course it was never really a choice, saving someone's life would be worth anything. Yet she could not help but feel a twinge of sorrow and guilt, knowing that she likely would never be presented with the opportunity to fight that which killed her mother again.

Determined not to let her loss send her into a never-ending spiral of despair, Wren instead continued to tend diligently to the wounded, ensuring they would be ready to fight again. For surely another fight would be soon to come. Remembering a promise made in the heat of battle, she located Sharpe and whispered a prayer of regeneration for his little finger to regrow. As she checked on the progress, she mused over the number of little fingers men seem to lose in battles, as Sharpe was not the first person to need this service. And Wren doubted he'd be the last.
OOC: Helene

IC: Wren, Frontier Shaman and Healer of the Pack
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